HL7T 04 Conform to productive work practices – (Road Building)

HL7T 04 Conform to productive work practices – (Road Building)

Overview – This standard, in the context of your occupation and work environment, is about

1 – productive communication with line management, colleagues and customers

2 – interpreting information

3 – planning and carrying out productive work practices

4 –¬†working with others or as an individual

1 – communicate with line management, colleagues or customers to ensure work is carried out productively
2 – respect the needs of others when communicating
3 – interpret procedures and use resources to plan the sequence of work, so that it is completed productively
4 – complete documentation as required by the organisation
5 – work productively with line management, colleagues, customers or other people
6 – apply the principles of equality and diversity
K1 – how to use methods of communication with other workplace personnel and customers
K2 – how to communicate to ensure work is productive
K3 – how organisational procedures are applied to plan and carry out productive work
K4 – how to maintain documentation in accordance with organisational procedures
K5 – how to contribute to zero/low carbon outcomes in the built environment
K6 – how to maintain good work relationships
K7 – how to maintain good work relationships


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