1) FDE Training Services Ltd will only collect the Minimum amount of personal information from you.

2) This information will be required by

A) the awarding bodies (those who issue the qualification),

B) the assessors / tutors that are responsible for your learning,

C) the administration staff within FDE Training Services Ltd, who are tasked with registering and awarding qualification notifications to the awarding body and

D) where relevant, any third party who has a vested and authorised reason to ask for such data. i.e. Ofsted.

3) FDE Training Services will not provide any persons personal details to any other party.

4) Your information will be stored securely by FDE Training Services Ltd only for the minimum amount of time requested by those bodies listed in Point 2 after such time it will be deleted.

5) You can request relevant information relating to GDPR and FDE Training Services Ltd will provide this to you free of charge within one month or Two months if the request is complex.

6) FDE Training Services Ltd do use SQA/NPORS/CITB/RTITB/CPCS/NOCN as an awarding body and you are entitled to review their Privacy statement, on line as this will explain to you how they will use the information supplied to them.

Stephen Forde

Managing Director

Issue Date: 05/01/2020                                           Review Date: 31/05/2023                                               Ref: FDE-POL-020