HL7R 04 Conform to general workplace health, safety, and welfare – (Road Building)

HL7R 04 Conform to general workplace health, safety, and welfare – (Road Building)

Overview This standard, in the context of your occupation and work environment, is about

1 – awareness of relevant current statutory requirements and official guidance

2 – responsibilities, to self and others, relating to workplace health, safety and welfare

3 – personal behaviour in the workplace

4 – security in the workplace

1 – avoidance of risk by complying with given information relating to the following
1.1 – induction
1.2 – briefings
1.3 – application of prior training (safe use of health and safety control equipment)
2 – adherence to statutory requirements and/or safety notices and warning signs displayed in the workplace or on equipment
3 – hazards created by changing circumstances in the workplace are reported
4 – show personal behavior which demonstrates active responsibility for general workplace health, safety and welfare
5 – comply with organisational policies and procedures relating to the following
5.1 – consideration of others
5.2 – interpretation of given instructions to maintain safe systems of work
5.3 – contributing to discussions (offer and provide feedback)
5.4 – maintaining quality working practices
5.5 – contributing to the maintenance of workplace welfare facilities
5.6 – storage and use of equipment provided to keep people safe
5.7 – disposal of waste and/or consumable items
6 – comply with organisational procedures for maintaining the security of the workplace
6.1 – during the working day
6.2 – on completion of the day’s work
6.3 – from unauthorised personnel (other operatives and/or the general public)
6.4 – from theft
K1 – what and why health, safety and welfare legislation is relevant to the occupational area
K2 – what health, safety and welfare legislation notices and warning signs are relevant to the occupational area and associated equipment
K3 – how to comply with control measures identified by risk assessments and safe systems of work
K4 – why, when and how health and safety control equipment should be used
K5 – the hazards associated with the work environment
K6 – how changing circumstances can create hazards
K7 – the method of reporting hazards in the workplace
K8 – what the organisational policies and procedures are for health, safety and welfare
K9 – how to take active responsibility for health, safety and welfare
K10 – how individual actions and behavior may affect others
K11 – what the types of fire extinguishers are and how and when they are used


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