Crane Supervisor evidence list for candidates

Please have the following available for you assessor when they conduct your observation visit. They must be relevant to the qualification you are undertaking.

  • Operational Progression (Photographs)
  • Notice Board (Photographs)
  • Lift Plans x 3 (You must be signed on as one of the supervisors)
  • Risk assessment(s) x3 (Must have your signature)
  • Method Statement(s) x 3 (Must have your signature)
  • Pre-start checks (completed by yourself)
  • Induction Records x 2
  • Machine LOLER certs x 2
  • Lifting Accessories LOLER Certs x 4
  • Toolbox Talks x 2 (Must have your signature)
  • Permit
  • Job records / Time sheets
  • Lifting Team Qualifications
  • PPE Issue Log
  • First Aid Checklist
  • Emergency Procedure from Health and Safety Plan
  • Welfare Facilities (Photographs)
  • Equipment storage areas (Photographs)
  • Site Security (Photographs)
  • Accident Book (Photograph)
  • Fire extinguisher inspection date label (Photographs)
  • Environmental/sustainability Policy
  • Team briefing
  • Site Traffic Plan

If you are unsure about any of these requirements please contact us