SDS Funded SVQ Candidate Registration Form

SDS Funded SVQ Candidate Registration Form

Previous Qualifications

Medical Conditions / Support needs

Contact Preferences (After Completion)

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Candidate Declaration

As the candidate I confirm that I received and understand the Candidates Guide to SDS Funded Modern Apprenticeships through
FDE Training Limited, my rights, responsibilities, and available actions.

I (the candidate) am aware that some qualification have a requirement for a minimum level of Core Skills and that, if I do not already possess the required level, will be required to undertake further Core Skills assessment(s). I am also aware that I am require to complete Meta Skills Profiling as part of this qualification. 

I (the candidate) am aware that the most up to date policy, procedures , roles and responsibilities and other documents relating to FDE Training and the awarding body can be found at

I (the candidate) consent to my personal data being used by FDE Training, and that it was freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. I also give consent for my portfolio/certification to be opened and copied for auditing purposes.

I (the candidate) declare that the evidence provided will be my own work and produced in accordance with the requirements of the qualification. I understand that if my work is not authentic and within the qualification requirements I could be removed from the qualification.

I (the candidate) further agree to any photographs/videos and/or voice recordings to be held for the required period, timescales to be determined by the awarding organisation and FDE Training Ltd. I am aware that these timescales may be subject to change by factors outside their control and that these will only be used for qualification including quality assurance purposes. I understand that in signing this form i shall have no claim against FDE training ltd for the use of these in relation to the qualification. 

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