Employers Form

Employers form – SDS Funded MA

The information given in this form will be used to conduct checks including eligibility checks and confirm information previously provided in the candidate proposal form and other information provided at any other time during the funded qualification such as matching information provided by the employer against the information provided by the candidate.

Supervisor for the candidate

This section is to identify the supervisor of the candidate for the qualification. The supervisor has responsibilities alongside the employer and must read, understand and agree to the employers guide. 

Qualification requested


Right to Work

This section refers to the candidate’s right to work 

Demonstrable Need

Employers Declaration

As the employer representative I confirm that I received, understand and will comply with the content of the Employer’s Guide to SDS Funded Modern Apprenticeships through FDE Training Limited.

I (the employer representative), to the best of my knowledge, confirm that the candidate is eligible for the SDS Funding.

I (the employer representative) am aware that the most up to date policy, procedures , roles and responsibilities and other documents relating to FDE Training and the awarding body can be found at fdetraining.co.uk/policies.

I (the employer representative) agree to any photographs/videos and/or voice recordings to be held for the required period, timescales to be determined by the awarding organisation and FDE Training Ltd. I am aware that these timescales may be subject to change by factors outside their control and that these will only be used for qualification including quality assurance purposes. I understand that in signing this form I shall have no claim against FDE training ltd for the use of these in relation to the qualification. 

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