Skip Vehicle (A39)

1 - 4 days depending on experience

To provide thorough practical and theory plant training in the responsibilities of a Skip Handler, to enable the candidate to competently and safely carry out the role and pass the CPCS Theory and Practical Tests.


  • Carry out full pre-start and running checks
  • Prepare skip handler for travel
  • Mount skip/body and travel over a defined route, to include uneven terrain/sharp cornering
  • Pick up fully loaded skip/body and secure
  • Travel with load and tip load at specified point
  • Reverse vehicle and deposit skip body into a confined space
  • Recover a loaded skip/body with restricted headroom
  • Travel to park position, shut down and secure
  • Safety awareness
  • Maintenance and pre-start checks
  • Identify all components, controls and gauges
  • Set vehicle for site and road travel
  • Travel machine over varying types of terrain
  • Discharge loaded skips/containers
  • Manoeuvre vehicle in confined areas, using forward and reverse direction
  • Position vehicle to pick up skips/containers within height restrictions
  • Pick up and place skips of various size and weights
  • Ensure load integrity and secure load with sheeting/netting
  • Place vehicle in an out-of-service condition

Entry Requirements

Delegates must have passed the Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years, prior to course start date.

Good understanding of spoken and written English.

This training/testing can be as test only, Experienced, intermediate or Novice.