Forward Tipping Dumper (A09)

1 - 3 days depending on experience

In the construction industry, forward tipping dumpers are commonly used on sites to transport materials throughout a variety of terrains. Due to their heavy lifting and versatile capabilities, therefore means that the operator needs to be extremely skilled and competent enough to carry out the role; this is the knowledge and skills that our forward tipping training provides to all of our candidates.

For individuals to be able to participate in our specialist training courses, it is compulsory for them to have a basic understanding of current health and safety legislation.


  • Explain loading and unloading procedures on & off of Transporter
  • Carrying out pre start and running checks.
  • Travel over differing types of terrain, including rough undulating ground both loaded & unloaded.
  • Set the Dumper for site & road travel.
  • Travel up & down substantial inclines loaded & unloaded.
  • Position dumper to receive loads.
  • Discharge loads into trenches & over edges.
  • Comply with loading procedures.
  • Place machine in and out of service condition

A: Wheeled
B: Tracked

Entry Requirements

Delegates must have passed the Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years, prior to course start date.

Good understanding of spoken and written English.

This training/testing can be as test only, Experienced, intermediate or Novice.