Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Course Fees

Fees quoted are exclusive of Value-added Tax (VAT) which will be included at the current rate. If applicable and requested lunch and/or accommodation will also be added.

2. Bookings

The course dates provided are reserved only and not confirmed until receipt of confirmation has been received. Bookings can be made by email, phone or via the booking form link provided by FDE. Telephone bookings must be confirmed in writing upon request. Upon receiving the confirmation, you will be sent course confirmation and joining instructions and payment taken or an invoice will be raised. Please quote purchase order numbers where applicable.

3. Payment terms

Our standard payment terms are that payment is taken at the time of booking unless otherwise stated. If payment by invoice has been previously agreed, the payment should be made within 0 days from the date of the invoice or prior to the course commencement, whichever is sooner.

Candidates wishing to undertake SVQ/NVQ Qualifications, if agreed will pay an initial deposit with the remaining fee to be paid before the first site visit.

Payment can be taken by debit or credit card. Please note that a 2% fee will be added if payment is made using a credit card.

4. Credit terms

Our standard credit terms for account customers are 30 days from date of invoice. Please contact us if you wish to set up an account. Accounts not settled within the agreed terms may incur daily interest.

5. Mileage and Subsistence

Mileage is currently charged at 50p per mile from FDE Training Ltd. A quote for mileage ans subsistence can be provided upon request at the time of course booking.

6. Cancellations

Should circumstances mean that you need to cancel your course the following charges will apply:

  • More than 6 weeks prior to the course start date – No Charge
  • 2 to 4 weeks prior to the course start date – 25% of the course fee
  • Less than 2 weeks prior to the course start date – 50% of the course fee

6.1 Cancelled,non-attended or transferred courses/appointments will also incur any cost not recoverable by FDE Training Ltd. These could include, but is not limited to, awarding body fees, Machine hire, Accommodation. FDE will always make reasonable en devours to reduce the chance of additional costs and will provide a full cancellation cost.

7. Transfers

Should circumstances mean that you need to transfer to another course (if we are able to facilitate this), the following charges will apply:

  • More than 6 weeks prior to the course start date – No Charge
  • 2 to 4 weeks prior to the course start date – 25% of the course fee
  • Less than 2 weeks prior to the course start date – 50% of the course fee

All transfers must be taken within 6 months of the original course date.

FDE Training Ltd reserves the right to recover costs described in 6.1

8. Non-attendance

If you do not attend a course and have not previously informed us, the full course fee remains payable. If you have informed us, a charge maybe applicable at our digression, we will take into consideration the amount of notice provided and the circumstances.

Those SVQ/NVQ candidates who fail to attend site for planned visits without previously informing FDE Training Ltd will incur a fee of £100 for a wasted visit fee.

FDE Training Ltd reserves the right to recover costs described in 6.1

9. Late arrivals/Missed sessions

If you arrive late or are absent from any session, we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the training, if we feel that you will gain insufficient knowledge in the remaining time to pass the course. in all such cases, this would class as non-attendance and clause 8 applies.

10. Unforeseen circumstances

On occasions, unforeseen circumstances may require us to cancel a course. in such circumstances, we will en devour to provide at least 5 days notice and you will be offered either a free transfer to another course date or a full refund of fees paid. FDE Training Ltd will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred by you in making such re-arrangements.

11. Guidelines for candidates and employers

It is your responsibility to ensure that you/candidates are free from any condition which could affect your/their capability to undertake their chosen course. We welcome candidates with disabilities, but it remains your/their employer’s duty to ensure that you/they are appropriately supported in the workplace. FDE Training Ltd will not be responsible for costs incurred, should it be found at course commencement that a candidate is found not to meet the course eligibility and/or Awarding Bodies requirements.

Where prior details of candidates are required such as on screen tests, CPCS Cards etc. it is the responsibility of the booker to provide accurate details. If details are incorrect then FDE reserves the right to any costs incurred including but not limited to the cost of ordering amended cards, re-booking etc. In relation to on screen tests, inaccurate details may result in the candidate being turned away, and a minimum of 48hrs notice given to re-book. The costs of the on screen test may be forfeit and the re-booking chargeable.

12. Candidate substitution

In certain circumstances, you may be required to substitute the candidate attending the course/NVQ/SVQ. This can incur additional charges by awarding bodies. FDE Training Ltd reserves the right to pass this additional fee on. Please refer to clause 6.1. Candidates may not be substituted for on screen tests of any kind as a minimum of 48 hours notice to CITB is required.

13. Health and Safety

All candidates attending FDE Training Ltd will receive a full induction on arrival. it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all training center rules, and Health and Safety legislation is always followed. This includes the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), smoking areas, fire, emergency procedures etc. Failure to abide by Health and Safety rules will result in candidates being asked to leave the course, and forfeit all fees paid.

14. Fair Processing

All information we hold concerning you will be held and processed by FDE Training Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Such data will be used by us to administer our relationship with you as a customer on your respective service. It may be necessary to pass your information on to a third party, such as an Awarding Body for the processing and application of your qualification. We will not, without your consent, supply your name and address to any other third parties unless (1) such transfer is a necessary part of the activities that we undertake, or (2) we are required by law. As an individual, you have the right under GDPR to obtain information from us, including a description of the data we hold on you. Should you have any queries concerning this right, Please contact our Managing Director.

15. Use of Customer equipment/plant/machines

Authorisation to operate equipment/plant/machines by instructors is given by acceptance of these terms and conditions.